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iPhone/iPod Touch Apps Poker Invaders Has Arrived

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Poker Invaders are after your herd of cows - Poker Invaders are poker playing donkeys and they don't need more donkeys, they want your cows – and they love to play poker.  You are the defender, Earth is under attack, and your only defense is being able to quickly assess the Poker Invaders' poker hands - as they start to settle in on your herd - and build a better hand than they have.

Poker Invaders is available now on iPhone/iPod touch Apps and it's going to keep you busy and tuned in as you climb through the various levels of skill and speed.  You drag or flick your cards up at the descending Poker Invaders ship to beat their poker hand and explode their attacking ships.  The more cows you save and alien ships you blow up, the higher you climb in levels - beginning with fish and moving up through grinder, shark, and high rolla. You only get three cows - once they are abducted by the alien Poker Invaders, you are out of luck and have to start over. But you also get wild cards to help you smash the invaders poker hands.

Poker Invaders is a great game for newbies and pros alike with the following features:

    * Loads of fun for newbies with no poker experience right through to poker pros
    * Integrated with Game Center and OpenFeint
    * Retina Display Support
    * Lots of breeds of cow to protect including Holy Cows!
    * Many levels with beautiful farmyard settings created by award winning artist, Garth Cochrane
    * Inspiring original soundtrack by celebrated musical mastermind, Tim Koch
    * Gameplay peppered with wildcards / slow down snails / shiny bomb cards
    * Catchphrases from illustrious poker champion Tony G to keep you motivated during combat
    * Duck tapping for extra points!!

Poker Invader  Cow
Poker Invader Cow

Your herd of cows resembles a who’s who in herd-dom with eight levels n the current version of the game, these are your levels and the cows you have to protect:

•    Level 1 - Protect your DAIRY cows in the Golden Straw Fields
•    Level 2 - Defend your JERSEY cows in the Haunted Corner
•    Level 3 - Save your ANGRY BULLS in the Snowy Paddock
•    Level 4 - Care for your PRETTY COWS in the Crunchy Apple Orchard
•    Level 5 - Look after your CASH cows in the Barren Dust Range
•    Level 6 - Defend your WAGYU cows in the Enchanted Tree Patch
•    Level 7 - Save your MUSICAL cows on the shores of the Magical Lake
•    Level 8 - Protect your HOLY cows at the Red Barn

While you’re playing, you get to listen to the awesome Tony G catchphrases including all-time favorites: "Feel My Power!" and "On yer Bike!"

You'll have to think fast and pay attention to stop the Poker Invaders from snatching up your herd. And you do want to watch the Leaderboards and climb to the top of the best alien Poker Invader smashing score possible because Moon Shepherd (creators of Poker Invaders) is gearing up to offer some exciting Poker Invaders’ competitions.  There will be prizes so stay tuned and blast those Poker Invaders out of the sky with your clever poker skills.  

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