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Pot Limit Omaha Royal Flush Jackpot

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Pot Limit Omaha has its own special draw for players that love the action and skill of playing four hole cards, not to mention the additional skill required to play pot limit instead of limit or no limit format. Absolute Poker's Royal Flush Jackpot adds another draw to the mix of action in Pot Limit Omaha (PLO).

Most poker players are aware that Omaha is a game where the best hand continually changes throughout the Flop, Turn, and River.  You can start with a premium hand like {A-Clubs}{K-Clubs}{A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} where you best hand is a pair of Aces since you only play two cards from your hand. And when the Flop comes {K-Spades}{Q-Diamonds}{J-Hearts}, you now have top two pair with a gutshot straight draw and a back-door Royal Flush draw.  It gets even more interesting as the board progresses and the betting goes crazy.  

If your hand develops into a bigger hand, what usually happens is you make a hand so big that anyone that's a skilled PLO player is not going to give you any action when the River hits; a skilled Omaha player deciphers that if the board has paired, someone either has trips or a full house, and if three flush cards come on the board, someone has a flush.  Those hands are not necessarily made when you are in a heads-up situation but in a multi-way action pot, if there's a 'possible' best hand on the board, someone usually has it - if it isn't you, you're in trouble. The downside to making a Royal Flush is that unless someone has the low end of the straight flush or four of a kind, the odds are you are not going to get paid off.  That is why you are going to love playing the Pot Limit Omaha Royal Flush Jackpot tables at Absolute Poker.

PLO Royal Flush Terms and conditions

•    Two cards must be used from your four card hand to make the Royal Flush.
•    The hand must go to showdown.
•    The 'Jackpot' rake must be collected in the hand - each hand that is raked, $0.25 or more, $0.50 from all Royal Flush Jackpot tables will be collected for the jackpot.
•    If two Royal Flushes hit at precisely the same time, the hand that began first - according to the Absolute Poker game time - will be awarded the jackpot.
•    Players sitting out at the Royal flush Jackpot table are not eligible for the jackpot.
•    The "J" icon designates a PLO Royal flush Jackpot table.
•    Four or more players must be dealt in the hand.
•    Players in the same game type and stake level where the jackpot is hit qualify for a piece of the 25% same stakes split but must have played one hand in their current session at the table and be dealt cards when the Royal Flush hits.

Paying out the Royal Flush Jackpot

When a Royal Flush is hit 65% of the prize pool is broken down to send 50% of it to the player holding the Royal Flush; 25% is divided among the players at the table where the Royal Flush was hit (that were dealt cards); and 25% is divvied up with all the players who were playing the same game type and stakes as the table where the Royal Flush was hit. The other 35% sends 25% of the money back into the jackpot to seed the next Royal Flush Jackpot and 10% goes to the house.

Play PLO at Absolute Poker

Pot Limit Omaha players just picked up a new reason to play at Absolute Poker.  Making a Royal Flush doesn’t happen every day, even when you’re dealt four hole cards, but getting paid off on one happens even less seldom.  You know where to play, right?

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