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Poker Plus: Jonathan Epstein; No Win by Playing Ladies Event

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The 2011 Ladies World Poker Championship WSOP event is now over. But just like last year, the controversy continues, thanks to a few attention seeking males who have yet to understand the event is not about segregation or discrimination. It is a celebration of women in the game of poker.

The WSOP has been supporting women in poker for the past 34 years and hosted the very first ladies poker event in history in 1977.  What later became the Ladies World Poker Championship has been an annual fixture on the official WSOP schedule every year. And every year, it continues bringing together more women than any other poker event or attraction in the world.

It is amazing how little it takes to get the men all flustered and start talking discrimination, sexism and unfairness. All this fuss over one little WSOP poker tournament, one out of over 50 open events. You have to wonder why a few males insist on entering the Ladies Championship Event at the WSOP, is it because they feel threatened due to it being the ONE event where they are not welcome? Because it is the most popular event of its kind in the world and they aren’t invited?  Or are they simply attention whores who believe even bad publicity is still publicity? Better yet, maybe the 10 males who entered this year know they have no chance to beat a field made up mostly of real men.

That certainly seems to be the case at this year’s Ladies Championship Event where a male with a set of brass balls and no shame made it to the final table. Looking like the young boy he is, Jonathan Epstein finally made a name for himself in poker – by beating the ladies. He made it to the final table where he busted out 9th to win $13,701 and the undying disgust of the crowd that was stacked on the rail 10-12 deep. When Marsha Wolak got involved in a pot with Epstein who was all-in, the crowd chanted “Beat the Dude” over and over. When the eventual champ sent the boy to the rail, the crowd went wild, singing: “Na-na naaa na-na naaa na! Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!"

If it was attention this unknown boy from Tustin, CA was after, he got his wish. This was the most watched Ladies event in WSOP history, with more poker fans jeering Epstein in the Amazon Room than there were watching legends Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan, and Michael Mizrachi play the $50,000 Player's Championship. It just shows that anger and disgust are more powerful emotions than admiration.

Seriously, we hope boy Epstein enjoyed his time in the spotlight and that someday he will grow up to be a man of integrity and a true gentleman. If he does, no one will ever spot him in a Ladies event again, because real men that play poker don’t have to make an ass out of themselves to prove anything. And they surely don’t have to enter a ladies event to finally book a tournament win that gets them on the stats sheets. In fact, a real man would rather jump off a 20 story building in a ballerina’s pink Tutu than have their name splashed around the world showing that they even entered a Ladies event – let alone booked their first and only win in one. No one knows anything about boy Epstein because he is an unknown except what the WSOP announcer notes state (verbatim): "He's single and unemployed. No surprise on either count." Thanks to his shameful appearance in the Ladies event the world now knows something about him; he is not a man and has no pride or respect for women. Since he is young, unemployed and living in Tustin, CA, a very upscale suburb in Orange County, can we assume he lives with Mommy and Daddy who support him? If so, they must be so proud of their son finally making a name for himself.

This year’s winner, Marsha Wolak, let it be known that she almost did not attend this year because of a bad experience with one of the males who entered last year. The low opinion of Epstein and other males who crashed the Ladies party is shared by many including the WSOP staff. As Seth Polanski Communications Director said,” We didn’t count any men in the field today. If they played today, they are not men.”

"Good luck everyone," said the tournament supervisor, before quickly adding, "Not everyone."

When the final table was seated, "There we go, "the tournament supervisor said before glancing over at Epstein and commenting, "Nice job, princess."

Of all the comments made and words penned, Poker Media veteran Nollan Dalla said it best;

Despite near-universal appreciation for what the WSOP offers to all women and the ceaseless devotion of huge numbers of extraordinary ladies who travel to Las Vegas from all over the world to play in the Ladies Championship each year, there were and are a few misfits.To make things perfectly clear, no gentlemen participated in this year’s Ladies Championship.  No gentleman would dare play in an event designed especially for ladies, to be played exclusively by ladies, which presumably allows one very special woman her moment to shine in front of the entire poker universe.Sadly, some people seek to steal that beam of luminosity and seize the spotlight for themselves.Fortunately, most people understand that when this unfortunately happens, the shining light intended for a female champion only serves to illuminate the darker side of those who just don’t get it – and probably never will.

To be fair, many gentlemen in the gallery were very vocal about what a ‘tool’ and ‘douche’ they thought Epstein and the other males were who entered the event. If the fans keep ridiculing the men as hard as they do, the men won’t enter – now we have to figure out a way to discourage the boys.

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*Photo courtesy of Aaron Todd*

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