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PokerStars Road to 100 Billion Hands

100 Billion
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PokerStars is known for boasting about the number of hands it's dealt as well as rewarding those who play them. Every time there's some millionth or billionth hand dealt on PokerStars, they give away a lot of cash to those who win it - the PokerStars Blog carries the latest winners. PokerStars is also famous for big promotions and has combined the two to create a big race to the 100 billionth hand and celebrate every five billionth hand on the way to the big one.

The 70 billionth hand is the next one that is going to be celebrated by PokerStars and there's $750,000 in cash to be rewarded to those who play it. In the month of November every PokerStars ( player who is dealt in a millionth hand from 69,700,000,000 to 70,000,000,000 will be rewarded with a special cash prize of up to thousands of dollars. And if you're lucky enough to be at the table when the 70 billionth hand is dealt you will receive even more money, not to mention the reward of at least $70,000 to the player who wins that hand.

The money you receive for playing or winning every millionth hand at PokerStars depends on the amount of VPPs you generated in the previous 50 hands. The amount of points is then multiplied by $50 to get the final bonus amount. Here's how it works:

• Dealt into Milestone Hand: (# of VPPs in previous 50 hands x $50) + $50 = Cash Prize
• Win Milestone Hand: (# of VPPs in previous 50 hands x $50 + $50) x 2 = Cash Prize

However, if you find yourself playing THE 70 billionth hand, you will receive much more cash – no matter if you win the hand of not, your bankroll is sure to get’ boosted.’ This is how the cash prizes for the Mega Milestone hand are calculated:

• Dealt into Mega Milestone: (# of VPPs in previous 50 hands x $500) + $500 = Cash Prize
• Win Mega Milestone: (# of VPPs in previous 50 hands x $500 + $500) x 2 + $70,000 = Cash Prize

PokerStars also came up with this list of suggestions on how to catch that milestone hand and get a piece of the juicy cash prize. First off, you should play multi table – it's easy to increase your chances by playing several tables at once. You should also play longer sessions as the cash prize for playing/winning the milestone hand directly depends on the amount of VPPs you earned while sitting at the table, so the longer you play, the bigger the prize you will receive. PokerStars also suggests specific game types that generate pots more easily – Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha, by playing these poker variations you will earn your points much faster.

There is a total amount of 300 milestone hands on the way to the big 70 millionth hand starting with hand #69,700,000,000 which means you have plenty of chances to catch that big prize – all you need to do is collect your points and maybe play some extra hands once in a while to make sure you don't miss the one with the big payout.

And if you want to be sure to get access to the best PokerStars deals, promotions and freerolls you need to get your PokerStars account at PokerWorks today and enjoy the benefits. Download PokerStars through PokerWorks, use the PokerStars marketing code POKERWORKS when you register and you will become eligible for all the special promos running on PokerStars exclusive to PokerWorks players only. Also be sure to use to PokerStars bonus code STARS600 to receive the 100% up to $600 bonus on your first deposit.

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