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Poker News | The Inside Shuffle

The Inside Shuffle – Indians Online Poker Worries, Bogdanov Wins WPT Venice, Poker Movies and Rappers Rated, and More!

Paul Newman - The Sting
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Starting the new week, PokerWorks' Inside Shuffle is here to bring you the latest poker news that you didn’t get to before we did. The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs gathered again last week to discuss the effects of the changed perception of the Wire Act to the Indian tribes and their gambling businesses. At the same time, on the other side of the of the country, the thirteenth annual Western Indian Gaming Conference took place in California where the same issue of online poker legalization and its effect on tribal casinos was discussed. WPT's Venice Grand Prix wrapped on Friday night crowning a new champion, the Russian stock trader Rinat Bogdanov. The Everleaf Gaming Network announced it has banned all American and French players due to the warning received from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Keep reading...

Second Indian Affairs Committee Hearing Takes Place

On Thursday, February 9th, the second hearing of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs took place in order to determine the effects of the recent U.S. Department of Justice ruling that the Wire Act only applies to online betting. A number of law professors as well as Indian authorities and the Poker Players Alliance representatives attended the hearing as witnesses in order to discuss the issue of whether “the decisions of Congress on Internet gaming support or destroy Indian gaming jobs held by the tribal citizens and their neighbors and will these decisions support or erode the Indian gaming revenue that tribal nations use to fund essential government programs and services?” This was the question raised by the president of the Seneca Nation of Indians, Robert Odawi Porter.

The litigation support director for the Poker Players Alliance, Patrick Fleming opposed Porter by saying that “according to a 2010 Spectrum Study prepared for the National Indian Gaming Association, Tribal poker operations account for only 1 percent of Tribal gaming revenue.” The hearing took about an hour and a half with both sides providing valid arguments, but at the end the general consensus was reached that the federal government should come up with the legislation which would limit online gaming only to poker and make sure that the tribal interests are not violated.

Read the full story on PokerNews.

Western Indian Gaming Conference Discusses Online Poker

Jennifer Newell - Blogger/writer at Epic Poker - attended the thirteenth annual Western Indian Gaming Conference which took place at the Morongo Casino in Cabazon, California, last week. The main issue of the conference, just like the one of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs hearing, was online poker and its possible effects on tribal casinos. The main concern expressed by the Indian tribe authorities was that if the legislation is passed on the federal level, it is very likely it would not take Indian interests into consideration.

“Many Indian tribes in California are more prepared to face intrastate gaming than anything done on a federal level. Leaders know that they have a voice in California, and their concerns will be addressed by any legislation on the table. They will have more of a say in how many licenses are issued and assuring that all licensees start on the same date and have the same rights, with tribal compacts honored. An exclusion of companies like PokerStars, which have allegedly violated U.S. laws, and larger companies like MGM that have no hold on California gaming will give Indian nations more of an even footing,” Newel says.

For more of Newel's insights on the conference visit the Epic Poker Blog.

Vanessa Selbst Talks to PokerPlayer

Team PokerStars player Vanessa Selbst – arguably the best female poker player currently on the tournament circuit – sat down to talk to PokerPlayer's Keir Mackay not only about Selbst's poker career, but also about how it effects her personal life and vice versa. In fact, Selbst dos not bother herself very much about the negative feedback she's been getting both from her fellow players and the poker media. Victories aside, Selbst is the best-known, openly gay, poker pro and that seems to be bothering some people. However, Selbst says these people are not worth her time and effort so she simply chooses to ignore them and concentrate on her achievements.

“There are always people that have been homophobic and will continue to be that way,” Selbst said in the interview. “But I’ve always been someone that is very confident, sometimes overly so. My attitude gets me in trouble, but for the most part it’s helped me succeed when other people would have done otherwise. It would be easy for me just to focus on the negative things that are written about me, both in terms of my sexuality and my gender appearance, but I’m happy with who I am, what I’ve done in life. You can’t get upset about what random people who don’t know you are writing.”

For more read “A Little Respect” on

Rinat Bogdanov Wins WPT Venice Grand Prix

An amateur Russian poker player, Rinat Bogdanov, survived the field of 155 opponents to become the World Poker Tour Venice Grand Prix Main Event champion. The six-handed final table was played last Friday, February 10th, and after 11 hours of play the new champion was crowned. Bogdanov outplayed the Italian native Alessandro Longobardi in final heads-up play for the Venice Grand Prix title and collected the enormous WPT trophy along with the $302,065 cash prize including a ticket to the WPT World Championship at the Bellagio in May.

Bogdanov started final play third in chips with a stack of 907,000 just behind Simon Ravnsbaek holding 922,000 and the chip leader Andrea Dato with 1,591,000. However, the two didn't manage to maintain the lead and finished the tournament in fourth and third places respectively. On the other hand, Bogdanov's last opponent in the race for the title, Longobardi had only 1/3 of Dato's chip stack when the final table took off, but he climbed his way through to the last play, where he finally surrendered to the eventual champion.

In final play Bogdanov collected a full house holding 4-6 while Alessandro Longobardi shoved all-in with two pair. Bogdanov called and got congratulated by his opponent after the showdown. For his efforts Longobardi was rewarded with a cash prize of $146,826.

These are the WPT Venice Grand Prix Final Standings:

1Rinat Bogdanov$302,065
2Alessandro Longobardi$146,826
3Andrea Dato$95,003
4Simon Ravnsbaek$69,095
5Gianluca Trebbi$56,134
6Andrea Carini 

Find the full report on PokerNews.

Top 7 Poker Movies made a list of the seven best poker-themed movies and guess who won? Here's a hint – it stars Matt Damon, Edward Norton, and John Malkovich and it's about New York underground poker games. If you're a true poker player, you should have guessed right by the time you read the headline. However, if you haven't, it means you need some catching up to do in the poker movie field and the first thing to see is “Rounders.” Also on the list is “The Sting” – a movie made in 1973 staring Paul Newman and Robert Redford playing two con men in 1930s Chicago. One of the cons features poker and Newman's character owning the game.

In third place, according to ScreenJunkies, Steve Silverman, is a rather new movie made in 2007 called “Lucky You” starring Eric Bana, Drew Barrymore, Robert Duvall, and Robert Downey Jr. The list of top 7 poker movies also includes "The Cincinnati Kid," "Maverick," "A Big Hand For The Little Lady," and "High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story."

Here's a short from the best all-time poker movie, Rounders:

See the full list on

Top 5 Poker Rappers

And talking about poker lists – another one recently appeared online featuring the best five poker-playing rap and hip-hop stars. We're not quite sure about their poker skills, but those on the list are said to be spotted playing high stakes, charity and celebrity events, and seemingly have larger and smaller poker debts. As it appears, the #1 rapper at the poker tables is Jay-Z, who according to MediaTakeOut lost half a million bucks in one game back in 2008.

In second place is Nelly, whose name also features a sum of $500,000 when it comes to poker, although unlike Jay-Z, Nelly didn't lose that much overnight, but rather spent the cash over the years playing different poker events. And in places from 3 to 5 are Dr. Dre, Eminem, and 50 Cent – all three rappers appear to enjoy an occasional poker hand and have even been featured in Slim Shady's video "Crack a Bottle" filmed in the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas.

Check out some rap-star poker action in this video from Hip Hop Hold'em:

Find the full Top 5 at

American and French Players Expelled from Everleaf Gaming Network

On Thursday, February 9th, a representative for the online poker site Minted Poker addressed the poker community via the TwoPlusTwo poker forums with the announcement that the site as well as the entire Everleaf Gaming Network has banned access to all of their customers residing in the United States and France. The network has received the 'cease and desist order' from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and after consulting their lawyers has decided to follow the order and not allow American and French players access to their poker sites.

“The network owners have today sought legal advice and also met with the LGA, the Maltese Licensing Authority, who have advised them that due to the nature of the threat and the current climate, the network needs to withdraw its services from U.S. customers,” said the representative. “I really understand how this will worry our players especially those in the U.S., but I also wish to reinforce that all monies held by all poker players, U.S. and rest of world, are secure and ring fenced.”

Read the full story here: US and France Players Banned from Everleaf Gaming Network.

Bluff Media Sold to Racetrack Operator Churchill Downs

One of the leading poker publishing companies, Bluff Media, will be acquired by the Louisville, Kentucky-based racetrack operator Churchill Downs, the Las Vegas Review-Journal announced on Saturday, February 11th. Bluff Media publishes Bluff Magazine as well as running a number of poker-related websites including,, and, The PokerDB, a number of blogs, and poker forums, and they are expected to play an important role in Churchill Downs entering the United States' online poker market, as soon as it's legalized.

Churchill Downs currently owns the Louisville racetrack which hosts the famous Kentucky Derby and a number of other racetracks as well as casinos and poker rooms in Miami Gardens, Florida, New Orleans, Arlington Heights, and Illinois and Greenville, Mississippi.

Read more at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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