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Poker News | The Inside Shuffle

The Inside Shuffle – Jeremy Johnson Charged, Atlantis Launches Online Poker Network, Negreanu Rants and More

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Charges, Debts, and Accusations – these are today's poker headlines. Businessman and a high-stakes poker player Jeremy Johnson, who was arrested back in June 2011, for mail fraud is once again in trouble with the legal authorities for processing $51.4 of online poker payments. Full Tilt has driven another poker tournament into a dead end. This time it's the Montreal Open – a charity poker event which was supposed to reward 10 players with WSOP Main Event tickets, but didn't, because Full Tilt has gone out of business. And for that, as well as a number of other reasons Full Tilt is hated by Daniel Negreanu, who once again made his opinion about the site very clear in his new video blog. This time the video is featuring an angry Chihuahua. Keep reading.

Jeremy Johnson Accused of Hiding $51.4 million in Online Poker Payments

St. George businessman and philanthropist Jeremy Johnson was charged for an attempt to hide $51.4 million he processed in online poker payments. Although not directly associated with the events of Black Friday, Johnson was first arrested in June, 2011, when the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) accused him of mail fraud. However, the newest evidence shows Johnson's close bonds to a number of April 15th inductees including Chad Elie and John Campos of Sun First Bank. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Johnson as well as nine other defendants also “sold products online for a minimal handling fee and then charged large unauthorized amounts on consumers’ credit or debit cards, taking in some $350 million.”

A court-appointed receiver reported that Johnson is charged with illegal processing of online poker payments by moving funds and gold coins and bars back and forth through a number of shell companies. Also involved in fraud schemes, according to the receiver were Johnson’s wife and his parents as well as brothers Todd and Jason Vowell who helped Johnson move his assets around.

However, Johnson denies all accusations and the fact that he appropriated funds which belonged to his clients via I Works – his company through which he sold products online. “No, it’s not true,” Johnson told The Salt Lake Tribune. “They don’t have a shred of evidence or anything. That’s just their theory.” Claiming he has no money to hire a lawyer, Johnson is defending himself in court and says that although there was loads of money in the company's customer accounts, he had no intention of claiming it for himself. The FTC, however, tends to think otherwise.

Read the full story on The Salt Lake Tribune.

Montreal Open Winners Won't Get Paid by Full Tilt

The events of April 15th, 2011, effected the poker world on many levels – not only thousands of players worldwide got their funds frozen in Full Tilt Poker accounts when the site owners and online payment processors were indicted, but even charity poker tournament winners were left empty-handed because there was no one to pay out their winnings. The latest story comes from Montreal, Canada, where the Montreal Open charity poker tournament officials got in a quarrel with the charity organization the event was supposed to benefit.

The 2011 Montreal Open was sponsored by Full Tilt Poker and according to the agreement all money from the $275 player buy-ins was supposed to go to the Miriam Foundation – a charity that “improves the quality of life for children with learning disabilities and their familiars through innovative and comprehensive programs,” while Full Tilt Poker was responsible for the player prizes. However, before Full Tilt was able to provide players with their winnings – 10 seats at the World Series of Poker Main Event – Black Friday hit and everyone was left in despair.

Now Montreal Open representative Morden C. Lazarus aka Cookie demands that the Miriam Foundation, organization which benefited from the event pays the players instead of Full Tilt Poker. The Foundation, however, sees no reason why it should do such a thing as they were not responsible for the player prizes. The whole thing went to court and it is now for the court to decide who's right.

Head to PokerNews for more on this.

Atlantis Internet Group Launches Legal Online Poker Network in the US

Atlantis Internet Group Corp. (ATIG) became the first legal U.S. online poker provider. However, the Nevada-based online gaming entity will only be able to operate inside licensed casinos, as per agreement with the Coushatta Indian Casino in Louisiana and the Coyote Valley Casino in California, two of the tribal casinos in the company’s Tribal Gaming Network.

The group announced the news on Wednesday, February 22nd, by issuing a press release. “We have a huge leg up on the competition, having mastered play-for-fun marketing sites since 2003,” ATIG President and CEO Donald L. Bailey said. “Now, based on the NIGC opinion, to date ATIG is the only gaming company that can legally offer online linking games other than bingo, nationwide for live cash, such as poker and progressive jackpots.”

Read PokerNews for more.

Daniel Negreanu's Weekly Rant

So Daniel Negreanu decided to make his video blog a weekly thing and yesterday, February 22nd he posted a new one. This week Kid Poker shared his experience in Brazil and not only at the PokerStars LAPT tables, but the Brazilian Carnival as well. He even included some video footage he shot with his phone which you can check out by watching the full video below. Negreanu also took time to discuss his performance at the LAPT final table and how poorly he played his last hand.

The Full Tilt trio once again got its well-deserved air time, only on this occasion Negreanu was joined by an angry Chihuahua who appears to hate Bitar, Lederer, and Ferguson as much as the next Full Tilt player. Daniel also made some comments on Doyle Brunson's recent blog post where Big Papa discussed Full Tilt issues and shared some of his thoughts on the matter as well.

Watch Negreanu's weekly rant:

Hog Wild Poker Leagues Reward Free $500 Live Event Buy-ins

Hog Wild Poker Leagues, a free online poker site, is staking its players with $500 to enter any live poker tournament of their choice. All you need to do is play at least eight Hog Wild Staking Series events per month and you just might win the $500 prize. Plus, there's a $13,000 World Series of Poker package up for grabs at Hog Wild Poker and you just might win that one as well.

The free Hog Wild Poker Leagues online poker platform provides poker players with a way to play online poker for free with their friends as well as other opponents in a number of poker leagues. The Staking Series leaderboard ranks the top players taking into account only their best eight games. At the end of the month the top fifteen players on the Staking Series leaderboard receive $500 buy-ins to play live poker events at the casino of their choice. At the very end of Spring, May 31st Hog Wild Poker Leagues will reward one player with the 12 best game performances with a $13,000 WSOP Main Event package.

For more information visit Hog Wild Poker Leagues.

Borrowing in Poker

How do you handle your poker bankroll? Are you in constant debt, or are you the one lending the money? Either way, if you're in the poker business, you know that borrowing is a huge part of it. Money plays an essential role in the game and there are always people who want to play, but can't afford it. So they borrow. The story of poker pros owing money to Full Tilt Poker is just one of many and simply proves the fact that most poker professionals are in someone's debt.

PokerWorks editor-in-chief Linda R. Geenen took a closer look at the issue of borrowing money in poker and discussed some of the cases that gained publicity at one point or another. The conclusion – there's no way of fighting it, it's just a part of the game.

Read the article here: Borrowing - One of Poker's Systemic Diseases.

PokerStars Celebrates Sunday Million's 6th Birthday

The world's largest poker site PokerStars celebrates the 6th anniversary of its biggest weekly event – the Sunday Million by hosting a $6 million guaranteed event instead of the regular $1 million. The special event will be played on March 11th rewarding the winner with a cash prize of at least $1 million. The tournament features the regular $215 buy-in and as usual there will be a number of satellites and qualifiers running around the clock.

“My favorite memory of the big Sunday tournament on PokerStars is the time I finished 12th,” Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier said remembering his Sunday Million experience. “This was my first really deep run in a tournament of this size, and I was so excited. There is a huge Sunday Million on March 11, with $1 million guaranteed for first. It may not feel the same for me as the first time I went deep, but I'll be trying just as hard. See you there.”

Dealer’s Choice Casket

Did you pick out your casket yet? No? Well, if you consider yourself to be a true poker player and a fan, here's something you might want to look at. A casket-making entity called 'Till We Meet Again' makes all kinds of themed caskets and urns, which are a little bit different than what you would expect at the regular undertakers. It's not that we suggest buying one for yourself right away, but taking a look doesn't really hurt, does it? And even if you're a KISS fan, you'll still find something worthwhile.

For more caskets to make your day visit

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