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Let's Talk Poker - $50 a Week!

$100 bills
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The subject today is poker tournaments. Everyone loves them. You can be a tournament grinder just as easy as you can be a ring game grinder. Most tournament grinders play Sit N Go's, that's just an FYI. But if you're playing regularly, you already know that.

If you are playing regularly, what kind of player would you consider yourself to be? Here are a few thoughts to help you put yourself into a category.

Here's how you know if you are a grinder:

  • When you finish for the day, you have card dust all over your clothes and face and your eyes burn;
  • Your hand is twisted into a gnarled mass that fits a mouse and needs to have a three hour hot paraffin bath just to get back to normal;
  • Your last meal was a crappy sandwich thrown together with no pickles or lettuce because all the tournaments you were in were on synchronized break;
  • Your back and neck hurt like hell because you can’t break into your bankroll to get that new chair;
  • You haven't had a date in months but you are really looking forward to Sunday. Not because you have a date but that's the day the big Sunday Money Tournaments are running around the world.

Here's how you know if are a recreational player:

  • You chat it up during every hand and really don't know why everyone's so pissy at you when it's your turn to act.
  • You can't wait for the hand to be over so you can tell the table what you threw away.
  • You always wanted to be a winning player but how can you throw away every hand for hours? It’s so-o-o-o-o boring.
  • You think K-4 offsuit is a big hand
  • You don't do the word stuck because losing $50 in a session is a form of great entertainment and it's worth it.
  • Chasing is a way of life; the turn and river could send you the pot.

Here's how you know if you are a pro:

  • You aren't reading this.

If you are happy with your poker game, no one is going to help you improve. If you aren’t happy with your game, you have to decide to improve your skill level and then make sure you get there. If you want to start pulling in a few more dollars here and there and start beefing up your aggression and game, then you have to work at it. You don’t have to play like Phil Ivey or Jason Mercier or any number of wannabee Tom Dwans, all you have to do is focus on your own game play and continually keep the next level in sight while you conquer the one you are on.

Sometimes you need a little help to stay focused, but the first thing you need is a goal. What if you increased your win rate by $50 a month? *Stop screaming!* Not everyone that plays can say they win $50 a month consistently – and you must know that is an additional $700 a year.

There’s an easy way to start your poker playing bankroll with $50 absolutely free, just head over to PartyPoker and Poker770 to get started (must be a new player and sign up through PokerWorks).

What if you picked a goal of $50 a week? That’s very realistic and it’s an additional $200 a month that works into an additional $2,400 a year – it won’t buy you a Ferrari but it will put you in a range that’s reachable and give you the confidence to continue to build your game.

That means you are going to settle in, set up your playing time, pick the best play days for you and reserve that time period strictly for poker. That also means you must have a ‘real’ life if you are going to beat the game long term. You have to be able to walk away from poker, stop thinking about a beat you took, clear the cobwebs out of your think tank, and focus on relaxing when you’re away from the card table.

The decision is entirely up to you but Let’s Talk Poker will be back shortly with an update to help you continue to build your game and your bankroll.

Here are a couple of tips designed to help your game:

1) Everest Poker does have a great deposit bonus waiting for you at PokerWorks. But for those that are learning to play and don’t want to invest real money to start with, play the 10 seat Freerolls that pay real cash prizes. It costs you nothing to play real money poker.

2) PokerWorks Strategy Section is designed to make you think about your game and how well it works for you. This is our pick for your reading session today: Four Betting – It's Not Always Aces!

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