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Poker News | The Inside Shuffle

The Inside Shuffle - Lacey Jones Talks, The Muck Gives up Secrets, PokerStars Improves, and More

Lacey Jones
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Poker has traveled a long hard road filled with obstacles and pitfalls since Black Friday but the world keeps turning and players keep working to play as evidenced by Lacey Jones recent interview at The Muck designates the dead card pile in a poker hand but it takes on a whole new meaning when you start sifting through all the pieces that put it together. PokerStars has a new and improved VIP System. The scammers and cheaters never sleep or miss an opportunity to get into someone's wallet and so it is with baccarat scammers that are facing trial in Macau. Settle in and catch up on the news...

The Muck

Sometimes things on the rail may be even more exciting than those happening at the poker tables; especially during the World Series of Poker. PokerNews' The Muck is the place where poker fans can find a lot of news, trivia, and gossip they will not see on TV or read in live reports. In Day 5 coverage of the World Series of Poker the All Mucked Up Live Blog looked into some parts of the WSOP which remain unseen to an untrained eye.

The PokerNews team talked to some of the valets at the Rio parking lot to see in what cars poker celebrities arrive in. A big topic was diets – do players drink coffee to stay focused during long hours of grinding or do they prefer healthy food and exercise? Want to know about the worst bad beats straight from the dealers? If you think losing with a set of Jacks against three Kings is bad, you should visit the Dealer Break Room and listen to what the WSOP dealers have to say.

Go to PokerNews' The Muck for more stories from the WSOP rail.

PokerStars Improves VIP System

Last week PokerStars unveiled some changes that have been made to the VIP player reward program as well as Limit Hold'em rake. In a dedicated thread on the TwoPlusTwo forums, PokerStars' Head of Home Games Lee Jones announced that the site has made a few changes to its VIP system as per players' requests by reducing the size of the bonuses in the VIP store. This means players will be able to purchase the same bonuses for fewer points.

Here's what the new PokerStars VIP rewards system looks like as of June 1st:


The “% Reduction” part indicates the reduced percentage of Frequent Player Points (FPPs) required to receive the bonus. However, Jones stressed the fact that no changes were made regarding the USD/FPP ratio.

Find out more about the recent PokerStars changes on

How Did Black Friday Effect Lacey Jones?

Lacey Jones, one of the best-known poker-playing models in the world has recently talked to's Rebecca Liggero about the effects of Black Friday on her personal life and her career as well as the future prospects of online poker in the United States. In the video interview Jones said that the online poker ban in the U.S. had a major impact on her life as a poker player – not only was she deprived of the ability to play poker online, she also had to concentrate more on her modeling career and travel the world a lot more than she used to.

“Before I was playing online poker everyday and was host on a lot of TV shows,” said Jones in the interview at the recent GiGSE conference. “It’s very different after Black Friday. As far as poker goes I’ve been playing when I get the chance, getting ready for the World Series. It’s all live games now.”

Watch the full interview.

Interview with Lacey Jones Video

Baccarat Scammers Face Trial in Macau

Despite the casinos claiming they are using top-notch security technologies to prevent cheating and fraud, scammers still find ways of stealing money from them. A gang of seven alleged card cheats who were arrested a year ago in Macau are now facing trial. The group is charged with taking the Grand Lisboa casino for over HK$24m ($3m) back in March, 2011. According to the reports the group members would switch the Baccarat card shuffling machines at the SJM Holdings casino with rigged machines with small video cameras inside. This would allow the gang members to read the cards as they were shuffled and make bets accordingly. However, none of the arrested have pleaded guilty while three more suspects are still wanted. Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in Asia and cheating schemes are applied by numbers of scammer groups in Macau and other popular Asian gambling resorts.

Go to for more on this.

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The IRS managed to snag 34.13 percent from the payouts of the 2015 November Nine, totaling $8,467,091.

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