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Poker News | The Inside Shuffle

The Inside Shuffle - Lederer Clams Up; Poker Dealer Wild Card President; WSOPE 2012; and more

David Goossen for President
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Just when it seemed the online poker world and other interested parties were going to hear a long, detailed "Howard Lederer spills all," and as he does, others step up to the plate and open up those Full Tilt Poker management secrets that have been trapped in a vault with no access other than subliminal messaging for well over 15 months, it all stopped. Catch up on the latest as you read.

We're bringing you news about a United States presidential candidate that was a poker dealer gone crazy and is launching a write-in campaign for president. We like the idea, we know and understand poker players and poker's a 'whole 'nuther world, Sir' and we'd love to take you there, but there's an election going on so follow the Yellow Brick Road and you'll soon see why politics require a whole new train of thought to survive the run for an elected seat.

PartyPoker's Tony G - Is he really going to answer your questions? We do not know, but we are as curious as you are. You can toss him out some Q's and he'll feedback some A's? That will be fun. Be nice now!

There’s more…keep reading or you’ll never know what it is and don’t forget to subscribe to our Inside Shuffle!

Howard Lederer zips the lip

Once Howard Lederer tapped into the media life line at and The Lederer Files began flowing out for everyone to view, it was as if the great taboo had been lifted and the story of Full Tilt Poker was going to roll.

First it was over seven hours of video with questions and answers between Lederer and Matthew Parvis of and then around four hours on the TwoPlusTwo PokerCast. Next Lederer was going to visit with

BOOM, Baby! That was then, this is now.

According to, this weekend Lederer decided to stop talking. Lederer says this ordeal has been harder on him and his family than was originally expected.

Read for more details.

David Goossen for President

There are a lot of jokes about poker dealers, some not too complimentary, and others that poker fun at players. Like this one,

Question: What's the difference between a proctologist and a poker dealer?

A proctologist only has to look at one asshole at a time.

If David Goossen has been dealing poker for a number of years, he's probably told them all and laughed at them too...the jokes that is. And with dealing poker, Goossen, a 48-year-old professional poker dealer from Florida, would have the best insight into what motivates his fellow man if he's been paying attention from his view in the 11th seat.

Goossen is launching a write-in campaign for president. He's picked his spots, knows where he has the best chance of being elected, and is distributing his own goodwill and smiles on his daily path. He expects to spend $3,000 from his pocket and put a lot of time into his campaign.

We like it, but we like poker dealers. Read about Goossen's campaign trail here. And he's our main article image.

PartyPoker's Tony G - Answers to Your Questions? is bragging up the fact that they do a lot of interviews but they haven't turned the looking glass in the other direction, where readers were given the opportunity to ask the questions.

They are still bragging when they say those days are over...time will tell. sinister chuckle ensues

Their first victim candidate: The illustrious and always-qualified Tony G from PartyPoker has agreed to take time out of his trash-talking, set-repping schedule to answer the top 20 questions you can come up with.

Read more about it here.

Gus Hansen - First Full Tilt Poker Brand Ambassador

Since Full Tilt Poker's assets were purchased by PokerStars back in July and the announcement of a site relaunch by November 6th, 2012, the world is waiting to see Full Tilt Poker reinstated as a strong online poker brand.

Gus Hansen is the first pro (yes, he was a Full Tilt Pro previously) to step back into the role as an ambassador for the new site.

"I’m very excited to represent the industry’s most authentic poker brand," Hansen said in a press release. "Full Tilt Poker has the best games, most innovative software and the strongest poker community; to me this feels like coming home.”

Read our report here.

The WSOPE 2012

The main event of the 2012 World Series of Poker, #7: €10,450 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event, is down to eight players with Phil Hellmuth leading the pack. Hellmuth, despite all the jabs made at him and how funny they are, is on an amazing run of ‘focus and poker’ in our humble opinion. Hellmuth is the player that should represent the poker community to the Department of Justice in response to ‘luck’ – take that you Republican sidewinders.

Top chip counts going into final table play:

Chip CountsPlayerAmount*
1Phil Hellmuth3,434,000
2Sergii Baranov3,339,000
3Joseph Cheong1,966,000
4Stephane Albertini1,162,000
5Christopher Brammer851,000
6Stephane Girault664,000
7Jason Mercier652,000
8Paul Tedeschi543,000

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