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Turbo Championship of Online Poker ready to rock at PokerStars

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PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) exploded into the biggest turbo tournament series ever hosted in online poker in January 2012. Main Event winner betudontbet took home a massive $382,855.67 cash prize of the $19,000,000 that was won across the 50 events.

The TCOOP is ready to rock your socks off in 2013 from January 17th through the 27th.

If you like fast-paced, exciting turbo events, set aside the dates and get ready to play for as much of the $15,000,000 guaranteed prize pool as you can stack. You'll find all your tournament favorites - Hold'em, Omaha, HORSE, and much more - played with a variety of formats like Hyper-Turbo and 3x-Turbo tournaments with short blind levels. PokerStars has satellites running now that will get you into a seat.

There are 50 events spread over January's 10 days of TCOOP 2013 and every time you cash in an event, you earn points, valuable points with prizes attached.

TCOOP Leader Board Prizes:

1Champion’s Trophy + 2014 PCA prize package worth $16,500
22013 SCOOP event ticket worth $5,200
3-42013 SCOOP event ticket worth $2,100
5-102013 SCOOP Main Event (Medium) ticket worth $1,050
11-502013 SCOOP Main Event (Low) ticket worth $109

Check out the following schedule of events and put yourself in a seat or four or maybe more.

PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) official schedule:

01$27TCOOP-01: $27 NL Hold'em [6-Max], $750K GtdJan 1712:00$750,000
02$55TCOOP-02: $55 NL Omaha Hi/Lo, $150K GtdJan 1714:00$150,000
03$215TCOOP-03: $215 NL Hold'em [Knockout], $750K GtdJan 1716:00$750,000
04$55TCOOP-04: $55 NL Hold'em, $300K GtdJan 1718:00$300,000
05$27TCOOP-05: $27 NL Draw, $50K GtdJan 1808:00$50,000
06$55TCOOP-06: $55 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Shootout, No Late Registration], $100K GtdJan 1810:00$100,000
07$27TCOOP-07: $27+R NL Hold'em, $400K GtdJan 1812:00$400,000
08$82TCOOP-08: $82 NL Hold'em [Big Antes,2x Chance], $300K GtdJan 1814:00$300,000
09$82TCOOP-09: $82 PL Omaha [Knockout], $200K GtdJan 1910:00$200,000
10$11TCOOP-10: $11+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo], $400K GtdJan 1912:00$400,000
11$109TCOOP-11: $109 NL Hold'em [Heads-Up, No Late Registration], $200K GtdJan 1914:00$200,000
12$27TCOOP-12: $27 Triple Stud, $25K GtdJan 1916:00$25,000
13$33TCOOP-13: $33 Saturday Speedway, $150K GtdJan 1919:00$150,000
14$82TCOOP-14: $82 NL Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max,2R1A], $150K GtdJan 2008:30$150,000
15$82TCOOP-15: $82 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $300K GtdJan 2011:30$300,000
16$320TCOOP-16: $320 NL Hold'em [Knockout], $600K GtdJan 2012:30$600,000
17$109TCOOP-17: $109 NL Hold'em [1R1A], $400K GtdJan 2013:30$400,000
18$27TCOOP-18: $27+R PL Omaha [6-Max,2x-Turbo], $300K GtdJan 2015:30$300,000
19$215TCOOP-19: $215 Sunday Supersonic - TCOOP Special [Hyper-Turbo], $400K GtdJan 2018:30$400,000
20$82TCOOP-20: $82 PL Omaha [6-Max,1R1A], $125K GtdJan 2108:00$125,000
21$27TCOOP-21: $27 NL Hold'em [4-Max], $75K GtdJan 2110:00$75,000
22$82TCOOP-22: $82 FL Omaha Hi/Lo, $50K GtdJan 2112:00$50,000
23$215TCOOP-23: $215 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $400K GtdJan 2114:00$400,000
24$109TCOOP-24: $109 PL Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max], $75K GtdJan 2212:00$75,000
25$215TCOOP-25: $215 NL Hold'em, $500K GtdJan 2214:00$500,000
26$27TCOOP-26: $27 Stud, $50K GtdJan 2216:00$50,000
27$27TCOOP-27: $27+R NL Hold'em [2x-Turbo], $400K GtdJan 2218:00$400,000
28$82TCOOP-28: $82 NL Hold'em [2x Chance], $200K GtdJan 2308:00$200,000
29$215TCOOP-29: $215 NL Hold'em [10-Max, Shootout, Super-Knockout, Super-Knockout, No Late Registration], $75K GtdJan 2310:00$75,000
30$11TCOOP-30: $11+R PL Omaha [6-Max,3x-Turbo], $200K GtdJan 2312:00$200,000
31$27TCOOP-31: $27 Stud Hi/Lo, $50K GtdJan 2314:00$50,000
32$7TCOOP-32: $7.50+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo], $400K GtdJan 2412:00$400,000
33$27TCOOP-33: $27 Razz, $25K GtdJan 2414:00$25,000
34$215TCOOP-34: $215 NL Hold'em [2x Chance], $400K GtdJan 2416:00$400,000
35$82TCOOP-35: $82 PL Omaha [4-Max], $125K GtdJan 2418:00$125,000
36$82TCOOP-36: $82 NL Hold'em [6-Max], $150K GtdJan 2508:00$150,000
37$27TCOOP-37: $27 PL Omaha [6-Max,2R1A], $50K GtdJan 2510:00$50,000
38$215TCOOP-38: $215 NL Hold'em [Ante Up], $500K GtdJan 2512:00$500,000
39$82TCOOP-39: $82 FL Hold'em [6-Max], $50K GtdJan 2514:00$50,000
40$215TCOOP-40: $215 HORSE, $100K GtdJan 2610:00$100,000
41$215TCOOP-41: $215 PL Omaha [Heads-Up, Super-Knockout, No Late Registration], $75K GtdJan 2612:00$75,000
42$27TCOOP-42: $27+R NL Hold'em [2x-Turbo], $300K GtdJan 2614:00$300,000
43$109TCOOP-43: $109 NL Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $75K GtdJan 2616:00$75,000
44$33TCOOP-44: $33 Saturday Speedway - TCOOP Special, $150K GtdJan 2619:00$150,000
45$109TCOOP-45: $109 NL Hold'em, $125K GtdJan 2706:00$125,000
46$215TCOOP-46: $215 Sunday Warm-Up TCOOP Special, $750K GtdJan 2711:00$750,000
47$2,100TCOOP-47: $2,100 NL Hold'em [High Roller], $1M GtdJan 2712:00$1,000,000
48$320TCOOP-48: $320 8-Game, $100K GtdJan 2713:30$100,000
49$700TCOOP-49: $700 NL Hold'em Main Event, $2M Gtd, $300K+ to 1st Place!Jan 2715:30$2,000,000
50$215TCOOP-50: $215 Sunday Supersonic - TCOOP Wrap Party [Hyper-Turbo], $500K GtdJan 2718:30$500,000

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