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Poker News | The Inside Shuffle

The Inside Shuffle - NJ almost out of time; Ivey buys LeggoPoker; Beshear's gambling bill; More…

New Jersey
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It's time to fill your thoughts with some of the news and some of the old just to keep you on your toes and dancing to the rhythm of the beat when you settle in to read this session of The Inside Shuffle.

New Jersey's so close to the end of the line, one way or another, the fate of online gambling is hanging in the air.

LeggoPoker just made a deal – keep reading to find out who did what with who and how it will affect the who and the what.

Speaking of states and online poker and governors and such, Nevada’s governor is hot to trot to open up online gambling and has asked the state legislators to make it happen within the next 30 days.

Don't stop reading until you reach the end and when you visit The PPA news, if you’re a U.S. citizen, follow the links and do the ‘tweet’ ‘til you drop to see if you can make a difference.

State Sen. Lesniak on NJ gambling bill

Will the state of New Jersey find Gov. Chris Christie signing legislation that will legalize internet gambling tomorrow? Sen. Raymond Lesniak has had more than a little to say about the bill and waiting for the Governor's approval. Tomorrow the wait will be over.

Christie can sign the bill or ignore it which will enact the bill into law or conditionally veto it and only allow for online poker rather than all the games (as intended by original legislation).

Lesniak said PokerStars and other offshore companies would've been prevented from entering the Atlantic City market in the original versions of the Internet gambling bill - requested by lobbyists representing Caesars Entertainment. The bill has been revised to have regulators investigate and approve applications from offshore companies.

“They tried to absolutely bar them,” he said of Caesars and PokerStars. “We reached a compromise.”

Tomorrow's the day! Let's go Christie, start a revolution to organize interstate poker in the United States!

Read more here.

IveyPoker buys LeggoPoker

It was announced today that the community-based website that focuses on teaching poker strategy through its professional experts in instructional videos - LeggoPoker - has been acquired by IveyPoker. This step in the startup of IveyPoker will allow for a new product offering called Ivey League.

Phil Ivey is offering "a suite of innovative poker products and services designed to both entertain and educate players of all levels."

LeggoPoker's team brings a lot to the table with their reputable and established training site: Aaron Jones, Dan Smith, and Andrew Lichtenberger, the team, will expand to also include Team Ivey members.

“In my opinion, LeggoPoker is one of the best teaching sites on the market,” said Phil Ivey. “They are a great match with IveyPoker and together we will offer a top-notch educational poker destination in Ivey League.”

Catch a video of Ivey and Aaron Jones here and then visit IveyPoker for the full story.

NV Governor wants online poker

While Gov. Christie is stalling and dragging out the ordeal of signing-not-signing and making everyone wait (include some of us in other states) on the final verdict of online gambling in New Jersey, Nevada's Gov. Brian Sandoval is doing exactly the opposite. Sandoval is asking the state legislature to act on an Assembly bill within 30 days that would allow Nevada's joining with other states to offer online poker games.

The bill would repeal an existing law that bars interstate gaming until such time as a federal law is passed and would allow the governor to enter into agreements with other states on allowing online poker.

In his message to the Legislature, the governor said, “Nevada has always been the gold standard of both gaming regulation and agreements, and I intend to see to it that our state will lead the world into this new frontier.”

More information can be found here.

Happy Valentine's Day FTP players

Rich Muny, VP of Player Relations of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), reports that the Justice Department has officially confirmed they are close to naming a claims administrator for the remission of funds at Full Tilt Poker to United States players. The PPA expects a formal announcement from the DOJ by February 14th...or so.

Perhaps it isn't Happy Valentine's Day - the 'or so' adds a little leeway to the timeline. Once the claims administrator has been named, prepare to wait; the government has no timeline in this matter. Why should they? They are holding millions of dollars that don't belong to them and U.S. citizens have no say in the matter.

Visit the and find out more.

Gov. Beshear Rags on KY Racetracks

You remember Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear right? Beshear wanted to take control of 141 gambling website domain names back in 2008. Beshear held a press conference on September 22nd at the State Capital in 2008: “Unlike casinos that operate on land or on riverboats in the United States, these operations pay no tax revenues, provide no jobs and yield no tourism benefits. They are leeches on our communities.” He claimed that gambling via the state lottery and at horse tracks and bingo halls has suffered because of online gaming. The sites, he said, “siphon off money from regulated and legal games such as Kentucky’s thoroughbred racing industry, our lottery and charitable gaming activities.”

A few of the domain names that were 'stand-out' were PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Bodog, Doyles Room, Absolute Poker, and UltimateBet Poker.

Then the Commonwealth of Kentucky sued Full Tilt Poker for revenue loss in 2010.

We wouldn't be pointing all of this out except that Beshear is trying to pass an online gambling bill in Kentucky and says "a constitutional amendment to expand gambling is hung up on opposition from some racetracks and might not be filed this legislative session."

Apparently there is opposition to a bill that does not guarantee racetracks a monopoly on casinos in Kentucky by Keeneland, The Red Mile, and Kentucky Downs.

"The chances are still unknown and very uncertain because of the opposition of those racetracks. I feel that if those tracks were on board, we would have the votes in the Senate now to pass that type of amendment," Beshear said in a conference call with reporters. "I do feel confident that if all of the industry would get its act together and if these tracks would step up and support this approach, along with the breeders and owners, we would have a real shot at passing something this session."

It would be best if you read the report here to acquire an unjaded view of Beshear's plight because we are still laughing over how the need justifies the means.

GG Beshear!

By the time the next edition of The Inside Shuffle hits, we'll have on our poker face or at least have tucked in our grins and giggles about Kentucky's big move for online gambling.

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