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PokerStars Launches Four New Omaha Games

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The announcement just in from PokerStars should put the perfect twitch level in your decision on which of the new Omaha games – 5 Card Omaha, 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo, Courchevel and Courchevel Hi/Lo – you should jump into first. The added selection of games will be rolled out across PokerStars’ shared liquidity and segregated market sites and will be available for real and play money. Badugi was the last new game added to the client…clear back in October of 2008. It’s time for upgrades, updates, and more poker options, keep reading...

The worlds’ biggest online poker room is innovating to bring the greatest range of games online to players of all levels and the new games put the spotlight on the increased popularity of Omaha and mixed games. All four games will be available at 6-Max tables across the following stakes:

  • Pot Limit – $0.10/$0.25 to $200/$400
  • Fixed Limit (5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo and Courchevel Hi/Lo) – $1/$2 to $1,000/$2,000

Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden, who is a 5 Card Omaha specialist, said: “Hopefully these games will be a great success and more people around the world will find them fascinating. A good tip for beginners in 5 Card Omaha is to fold low cards as it can turn out to be an expensive mistake – you will often flop a part of the board but very often will not draw to the nuts.”

Team PokerStars Pro David Williams, who has played in some of the biggest private 5 Card Omaha games in the world, said: “One tip: make the nuts! Drawing to the second-best hand is a fast way to lose your chips!”

Introduction to 5 Card Omaha and 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo

In these two variants, five hole cards are dealt to each player instead of the usual four in Omaha, but players must still use exactly two from their hand and three community cards to make the best five-card hand. Both games will be available at Pot Limit tables, while Hi/Lo will also be spread at Fixed Limit.

How to play Courchevel and Courchevel Hi/Lo

Very common in dealer’s choice games, Courchevel differs from other community card-based games in that each person is dealt five cards and the first card of the flop is then dealt face up before the first round of betting. The game then reverts to regular 5 Card Omaha with each player using exactly two of their five hole cards to make the best five-card hand. Both games will be available to play in Pot Limit betting format, while Courchevel Hi/Lo will also be spread at Fixed Limit tables

Interested? Check out the following short strategy videos from online poker training sites CardRunners and Deuces Cracked:

For more information about how to play these new games and more at PokerStars, visit this section or download PokerStars to get straight in action.

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