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Poker News | The Inside Shuffle

The Inside Shuffle – It’s April Fools’ Day

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Just because it’s April Fools’ Day doesn’t mean we are going to run a bluff on you and not furnish you with some great reading material, we are. We just thought we’d toss out the fact that many a prank is pulled on the 1st day of April by young and old around the world. With that thought in mind, let’s jump into the mix of news and possible April Fools’ Day jokes.

From Chris Moneymaker to Chris Bitcoin

Is there enough money in the world to bring Chris Moneymaker, the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion, to the brink of changing his last name to "Bitcoin?" spells it out likes this:

"It’s all part of marketing deal between the 2003 World Series of Poker champ and the cryptocurrency, as he received an undisclosed sum to be the public face of Bitcoin from now through 2017—with an option to extend the contract to 2019 provided Sheldon Adelson’s proposed legislation to ban Bitcoin hasn’t passed by then."

There is the slightest hint in the air that this could be an April Fool's joke. Oh, wait! Read the whole article here to find out.

Two sides of the poker coin

Len Stanley is your ordinary, average former IT director, (is there such a thing as ordinary/average?), that just won an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas by battling through a field of more than 450 players in a No Limit Texas Hold'em poker tournament. This father of five played 12 and a half hours to win the Live Pub Poker League’s UK Poker Pub Championship in Southport.

Stanley has been playing poker for a few years but said he did not expect to win and on June 4th he'll be flying to Las Vegas and playing in a private 20-player Hold'em game where the winner will be entered into a $1 million event.

(Our ears perk up!!! Could this be the Big One for One Drop Event?)

Stanley had this to say: “It’s pretty awesome. My family and friends are very pleased. I’m not a brilliant player. I went there not expecting anything other than to have a good time.

The other side of the coin

Enter Dan Bilzerian. Does he need an introduction? We think not, after all, he's considered The Most Interesting Man on Instagram.

All In Magazine captured an Exclusive off the Felt with Dan Bilzerian. Episode 1: "I'm Just Being Me" for your viewing pleasure.

This isn't an April Fools’ prank, simply a look at different lifestyles and how they merge with poker. But, if you could flip the coin, and choose, which one would you take?

Is Gus Hansen ready to step down in poker?

The Online Railbird Report over at has the goods every week on every one that's anyone in the online poker world and you can find out how your favorite players are doing just by checking in. Gus Hansen was listed in this week's report as being the year's biggest loser, down -$2,318,940.

Hansen appeared on a PokerNews Podcast episode last week.

“If I have an opinion on the fact that I’ve been doing like shit? I don’t know if you’re allowed to use that word on the podcast, but nonetheless I said it. I’ve been doing very poorly. I glance at [online results] and I notice it... Mostly I’m mad at myself for playing poorly. Maybe bad game selection; playing too many hours; playing too tired; being on tilt while I play high stakes against some of the best players in the world…It hurts my pride a little bit.

"I might take a break from the highest games and play a little smaller just to get a win under the belt, then maybe jump back up to the high games again.”

Listen to the entire podcast here and expect Hansen at 15:46.

The View from the Box

Perhaps you've always wondered what it would be like to sit in the dealer's box, joyfully grabbing the $100 and $500, and occasional $1,000, tips that poker players toss you when they win a pot and enjoy the respect the poker community shows you because you don a uniform every day and perform magical card tricks at the table where you can decide who is going to win and who is going to lose. WAKE UP! Everything you just read IS an April Fools’ joke!

But you can take a trip through dealing poker when you visit Linda Geenen's, PokerWorks' editor, The View from the Box. For the latest edition, visit here.

PokerStars releases statement to California Opponents

PokerStars is ready and waiting to enter the United States market and with California being the next state that is most likely to legalize Internet gaming, that's where the world's biggest online poker site is ready to set up shop and offer Internet poker.

Opposition is the name of the game when it comes to competition in business and the online poker industry is ripe, ready to explode with a rush of new players and fresh money. There's money to be made and the big players in the gambling industry want to prevent as much competition as possible. That competition has PokerStars written all over it.

Last week more than a dozen tribes in California released a statement speaking out in opposition that would “prevent unscrupulous entities” from being able to enter the iPoker market as it develops.

“Recent news reports indicate that online poker operator, PokerStars, is in partnership negotiations with a California tribe and two or more card clubs to offer online poker in California,” the statement read. “Although we presently have slightly differing views on a legislative framework for Intrastate Internet Poker in California, our tribal governments are united in our steadfast opposition to the easing of regulatory standards that would accommodate bad actors whose past behavior and tainted brands and assets would erode the integrity of Intrastate Internet poker under consideration.”

Visit here to read the article and find links to full statements.

On the subject of PokerStars

For players around the globe – excluding the US, of course – PokerStars and PokerWorks have another $20,000 freeroll on the horizon in May. Find out how to qualify here.

No, this isn’t an April Fools’ Day joke. We know that a $20,000 Freeroll is unbelievable, but it’s waiting for you. Play it!!!

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