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Poker News | The Inside Shuffle

The Inside Shuffle: Poker tarnished by poker pros; the Instagram King; the Poker Princess gets probation

Dan Bilzerian - the Instagram King
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What is the essence of a poker game? The answer could be a walk through life entwined with our own integrity and honesty. Why do we play poker? To beat our fellow man/woman in a card game and take their chips BUT this beating has to be done fair and square and the best woman hand is supposed to win when the last card comes off the deck and all the bets are called. It's particularly hurtful to the whole foundation of poker when a pro is being called out on anything that leans towards cheating, taking a shot, or a move that can be interpreted to be less than honorable.

After all, the whole world is paying attention to poker, especially in the United States where we are fighting for the right to play and our politicians — and Sheldon Adelson — are trying to 'protect us' from being able to make our decisions by simply stamping out the option to even take a seat — and erase our freedom of choice. That brings us to the first subject of The Inside Shuffle...Phil Ivey and edge-sorting.

Hartley Henderson blasts Phil Ivey

In a recent article by Hartley Henderson at, the underlying nerve that connects to the jugular vein and spinal cord of poker is thoroughly discussed. Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Howard Lederer, and Chris Ferguson are mentioned in the article but the meat of it goes to Phil Ivey's belief that he did nothing wrong while setting up the deck in order to use 'edge sorting' to take an unfair advantage over the casino...twice!

In the article, Ivey's lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker is seen as a move to distance himself from the fact that he was part of the Full Tilt Poker team but had no intention of ever trying to reimburse any U.S. players if he won the lawsuit...he was simply moving on and trying to make himself look better to the public.

But the article narrows it all down to the fact that Ivey won over $12 million "from a casino by effectively cheating" in 2012 when he was playing Punta Banco at Crockfords in the United Kingdom — and goes on to point out that Ivey did the same thing at the Borgata casino in New Jersey for about $9 million.

Henderson’s article is an interesting read, visit here to get the whole story.

The Instagram King - Dan Bilzerian

Obviously the world is tuning in to the man that runs with the hottest of hotties, keeps an arsenal of guns at home, sports stacks of cash, plays poker, and loves to put pictures of his life/lifestyle up at Instagram. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dan Bilzerian!

Bilzerian is known as a US-American venture capitalist (according to Wikipedia) but what brings him into focus in our sights is the fact that he plays poker.

His Instagram account reads: "Dan Bilzerian Actor/Astronaut/Asshole and I play poker sometimes."

Bilzerian is being sued...we think...if the hype that's running around the Internet is correct. He pitched an 18-year-old teenage porn queen off the roof of his place into the pool and she broke her foot. According to the, they were doing a shoot for Hustler magazine. Her name? Janice Griffith and the word is out that she's suing. She seemed OK with the trip to the pool when she was flying through the air.

For more on the story — and a bunch of pictures of the Instagram King and his lifestyle, visit here.

Of special interest to us — why does the call him both Bilzerian and Blizerian in the same article?

Molly Bloom AKA the Poker Princess

This week saw the end result of a few of the plea bargains and sentencing of the 34 people that were indicted in the gambling scheme that allegedly was tied to the Russian-American mob enterprises. Molly Bloom AKA the Poker Princess also stood before Judge Jesse Furman — the same judge that dished out prison sentences earlier this week to two other indictees.

According to the, Bloom was "Decked out in sky-high heels and a tight white dress and jacket, a beaming Molly Bloom hugged family and friends as she she exited the courtroom a free woman."

Bloom could have received up to six months in a federal prison but instead she has been ordered to: forfeit $125,000, pay a $1,000 fine, a year's probation, and serve 200 hours of community service.

“I made mistakes,” Bloom told Judge Jesse Furman. “I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused, the suffering, and the embarrassment. I’m sorry for breaking the law and causing you any trouble.”

Molly Bloom by Jefferson Siegel/NYDaily News
Molly Bloom by Jefferson Siegel/NYDaily News

The same judge handed out prison sentences to Vadim Trencher and Hillel Nahmad this week for their part in the illegal gambling charges. No wonder Blom was all smiles when she left the court room.

Read the rest of the story on Blom’s sentencing here.

The View from the Box

The latest View from the Box is up here. Take a reading on a poker dealer’s walk through high-stakes land and get in touch with what it’s like to dress in black and whites, bow tie and apron, and pull up the 11th seat to spin out tickets to players of all limits. You may not need nerves of steel to be a poker dealer, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt if you had “I don’t give a shit” running through your veins when you’re facing off with some of the biggest stakes players in the world that want to tell you what they think of you – and your dealing – when they miss a draw or are in the death throes of a bad run of cards.

Some days the carrots eat the rabbits, on other days the cards break even, the world is at peace, and dealing poker is a lot of fun. Read ‘The View’ to put it all in perspective.

Main image courtesy of Instagram-Dan Bilzerian. Article image courtesy of

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