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Poker Strategy | Seven Card Stud

Razz Strategy Guide

Razz is a game that most people seem to love to hate, and I've never understood why. Granted, most poker players are used to going after the best cards, so a game that plays like Seven Card Stud, with an objective of getting the worst hand...

7-Card-Stud 8-low or Better Primer

This is the final installment in the "Mixed Games " series of articles. Of all the games played in HORSE, stud8 (stud hi/lo eight or better) offers the greatest chance for you to develop an enormous advantage over your opponents. Almost no one at...

Razz Primer

In a previous article, "Mixed Games ," I recommended playing a super-tight conservative strategy in your weaker games while playing a "normal" strategy in your better games. For the vast majority of players, razz is a weaker game. In this article...

7 Card Stud for Beginners - 7th Street or the River

Well this is the end. You either have the best hand or you don't. If you have followed the guidance for the early streets, you either have a hand or a busted draw. If you have a busted draw, you should simply abandon the hand. Bluffs at this point...

Seven Card Stud for Beginners - 6th Street

The play on 6th street is the same as 5th street but there are a few situations that should be addressed separately. So many of your actions on 5th and 6th street rely on your read of your opponents' cards, but if you reach 6th street with more than...

Seven Card Stud for Beginners - 5th Street

On this round the betting limits are doubled. If you do not already have a hand that could win, or needs only one card to complete, or a hand that stands to win, you should fold now. A hand requiring two outs should be folded immediately for a...

Seven Card Stud for Beginners - 4th Street

The betting limit on 4th street is still only a half bet. It is often correct to call with some hands that are quite marginal, if those hands can improve to the winning hand. Even so it is still proper to fold most hands that do not improve. Your...

Seven Card Stud for Beginners

Seven card stud has been losing popularity to Hold'em over the last few years, but still has a large number of players, and often presents excellent profit opportunities for a skilled player. Additionally, the increasing popularity of mixed...

Seven Card Stud

Before I became a Holdem player, I was a Stud player. Like most Stud players I have migrated to Holdem because most of the live ones play Holdem now. It's just too hard to find a real good Stud game any more. In the last two trips to Las Vegas, I've...

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The IRS Scores Big at 2015 WSOP ME Final Table

The IRS managed to snag 34.13 percent from the payouts of the 2015 November Nine, totaling $8,467,091.

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