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Poker Plays with Pokerpeaker - Don't Fall In Love With A Flop

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A-K and I have broken up, for the most part.

She's a dangerous lady. She makes me fall in love far too much with flops.

Let me show you what I mean.

I've got {A-Hearts}{K-Clubs}
, and I'm second to act, and I'm playing .25/.50 NLHE on PokerStars. So I thought I would pop it up to $1.50, a standard amount.

I get two callers and both the blinds call. As you can see, my raise got a lot of respect. I don't blame people. A-K hasn't hit for me the last 345 times I've had it. I'm pretty sure they can sense that.

But wait a minute! The flop comes {K-Spades} - {7-Diamonds} - {3-Spades}. Wow! I hit! I hit! I hit!

Can you see what I'm doing here? I'm so fascinated that A-K actually hit that I've already assigned myself the pot. I told you she was a dangerous lady.

The blinds check to me. I've got a hand here, and so I would like to charge people to draw. There's four others in the hand, so I'm guessing at least someone will come along for the ride.

I bet the pot, and everyone folds, save for the big blind, who check-raises me another $3.50.

OK, I don't think I'm willing to give up the hand just yet. He could have a flush draw. I'm not folding the one time A-K hit for me. I would check-raise with K-Q or K-J here as well.

An Ace comes on the turn.

It's a great card for me, but I'm still honestly not sure what he has here, and if in fact he has a set, I'm still beat and probably losing more money now. The chances of him actually hitting a set are low, but people do in fact hit them.

I check and he shoves the rest of his money into the pot.

Wow. A serious overbet.

All right. I don't think he has a set here. In fact there are too many hands I can beat here, and why would he push so much into the pot with a set, unless he's putting me specifically on A-K, which is hard to do.

OK, if he has a set, he's got me. I can't fold this. His bet is only half the pot at this point anyway.

He flips over K-7 when a blank hits the river, and I win a really nice pot. He flopped two pair.

Huh. K-7?

He berates in the chat, calling me a donkey and all kinds of other names. I remind him he was playing K-7, and he said he had "odds" to do so, which is probably true but still stupid.

I don't tell him the real mistake in the hand. But I'm going to tell you because you didn't call me names.

His real mistake was my mistake as well. He fell in love with the flop.

He had K-7 for two pair. When that Ace hit, really, what could he beat at that point? A draw? Sure, but shoving his whole stack in there will only get you called by a good hand, probably a hand that can beat you. Would I call a huge overbet with just K-Q or K-J? Probably not.

There were way too many hands that beat him, and yet he shoved anyway.

Why? He was gazing at that flop, drinking in its beauty without seeing the warning signs. It's OK. It was a beauty for him. It was top two pair! But that's always vulnerable.

I was doing the same thing. I was ignoring the fact that there were four others in the hand, decreasing the chances that one pair was good and the fact that I was check-raised by another player. I had top-top with A-K!

I fell in love with the flop on the flop.
He continued to stay in love with it on the turn.

It was a happy ending for me, and it ended in heartbreak for my opponent. Next time both of us will probably be more careful before we fall too hard, too fast.

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