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Poker Strategy | Beginner's Poker

Let's Talk Poker - Is Attitude Your Friend?

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Poker is a funny game, it doesn't just slide quietly into your life, it usually slaps you in the face to get your attention and then locks onto your senses. It is amazing how fast it spreads, filling your immediate universe with chip clatter and table chatter, the cards spinning through the air, and the people that come together to play against each other as it all blends into a package deal that jump-starts your heart with an adrenalin rush.

See, here's the part that many players just don't understand, you might think that you have to have an arsenal of poker skills built up in order to beat the game, but you don't. We aren't going to tell you that all of the things you've heard and read on Poker Strategy, Tells, and Bankroll Management aren't important, they are, but they have to take a back seat to the single most important aspect of becoming a winning poker player.

If you're new to the game, you really have a much better shot at having 'winning attitude' than a long-time player has. Note that we didn't say than a 'grinder' has because a grinder does just that, they grind, usually playing multi-tables and so many hands an hour that they don't have time to focus on a beat. The grinder knows that if they play the game and their cards as correctly possible, they are going to earn a dollar amount per hour at the end of the year, year after year.

So what if we told you that you don't have to be a grinder to win a few extra dollars every week, you can have fun playing while you do it too? It's not always going to be easy, some weeks may put you in the red, but week after week of playing solid poker (learning how if you don't know already) will soon even out the win/loss and you'll be back in the black.

Do you know what the key factor is in beating a poker game? Obviously it's you. You must maintain a good attitude about the game. You must NOT slip and hit your head on I-can't-win-with-aces and fall into the rut where you beat yourself as soon as you look down to a big hand.

If you follow online poker chat or sit at a casino poker table, you'll find someone chatting furiously about how they always get beat when they pick up Aces or Kings. Look for that player when you take a seat, paint a big red bulls-eye on their chest. You are going to be able to put more moves on that player than Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth did on the dance floor - and you're going to beat them because they don't think they can win.

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