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Poker Strategy | Omaha Poker Strategy

Poker Plays with PokerPeaker – Playing an Omaha Hand like Hold’em

I have K-K-10-3 single suited. A very aggressive player raises (he had Q-Q-8-2, don't reveal that) and bets the pot on the flop, $1.85. He has like $135. I call, which is a bad play. I need to raise here. Flop 8-3-5. You can play Omaha...

Poker plays with Pokerpeaker: Overestimating Weak Redraws in Omaha

You can always spot the Hold 'Em players at the Omaha tables. They tend to overvalue their hands. You can also tell the more advanced but still weaker Omaha players. They tend to overvalue their redraws. Let's take a look. I'm playing .10/.25...

Boot Camp: Why I've Switched to Omaha (At Least This Month)

That's it. I'm officially done with Hold 'Em. OK, OK. For a month. I'll never give it up completely. You can't and play poker these days. If you ever want to play live, you'd better play Hold 'Em, and online, Hold 'Em is still king. But, man, the...

I'm An Omaha 8 Maniac And I Like It

I have a secret. You want to know how to build a stack in a limit Omaha 8 tournament? Play like a maniac. Before you stop reading thinking I've lost my mind, let me explain. Early in a tournament, the blinds and pots are usually small. You can win...

Poker Plays With Pokerpeaker - Picking a plan, and sticking with it, in Omaha

Hey. Welcome back. We're bringing back this weekly feature, Poker Plays with Pokerpeaker, where I go through my thought process of playing a hand and try to present some lessons along the way. Because it's poker, I'll never say I played the hand...

Omaha Eight or Better (High-Low Split) Primer

This is the third installment in the "Mixed Games" series. I have previously written on razz, and I presuppose the knowledge there of making a low hand, what beats what, etc. In this article, I'll provide some starting hands and some basic...

Omaha Emergency Kit for Hold’em Players

It happens to almost everyone eventually. You click on the wrong button, misread the lobby, or simply zone out. For what ever reason, when the first cards are dealt, you find yourself holding four cards instead of two. You are now stuck in an Omaha...

In Omaha 8, Nines are negative EV

I don't write about Omaha often, but I do play. When the experts can't really agree on a strategy that works, I'm not about to claim to know the secret to the game, but I can attest to one thing; Any hand that relies on a nine as an operative card...

Omaha Poker Strategy

If you are unfamiliar with Omaha Hi/Lo, please see my article “Omaha Hi/Lo – A Short Introduction” for some basic explanations. A lot of people play Omaha Hi/Lo in preference to Omaha High. This can be seen at certain large on-line sites where some...

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The IRS Scores Big at 2015 WSOP ME Final Table

The IRS managed to snag 34.13 percent from the payouts of the 2015 November Nine, totaling $8,467,091.

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