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Omaha 8 – Advanced Omaha High/Low Poker Tips

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Once you have mastered the basics of Omaha High/Low (also known as Omaha 8 or better), there are some tricks and tips you can implement to make your game more profitable. The following are some Advanced Omaha 8 tips for you to think about.

1) Minimize losing with second best hands post-flop by having a better starting hand selection pre-flop. This means dumping hands like A-3-x-x and A-4-x-x when you don't have anything else as backup. While you might win pots with these hands when you flop good, the losses will far outnumber the wins. It's difficult for beginning, and even advanced, players to fold the 2nd nut low. Avoid that problem by not putting yourself in that situation in the 1st place.

2) If in doubt, bet. Too many players miss value for their very good hands because they fear they are beat. I can't tell you how many times I have seen a player check or just call with a great hand like a set of tens on a K-10-8-6-2 board because they were afraid of someone having a set of kings or 9-7 for a straight. Granted there will be times this is the case, but you're losing money if you're not betting or raising here.

3) Don't move up limits until you have the bankroll to do so. Too many players will jump up limits for all the wrong reasons. They do so to try and make up for losses at lower limits and end up digging themselves further in the hole or after a big winning session at a lower limit where they try and extend their rush. Remember, higher limits will typically have better players. If you're winning at a lower limit on a consistent basis, it'd be almost foolish to go to a game where you'll struggle. Play occasionally at the higher level and when you start to have a feel for the game and are winning on a consistent basis the times you do play, then move up.

4) If you're going to fold a hand post-flop, do it on the turn. Usually it is only a small mistake to continue on the flop if you have some winning potential. However, once the turn comes is when people make mistakes. The problem with calling on the turn is that you're essentially committing yourself to a minimum of four bets because folding on the river is almost always a mistake unless you have missed a draw or there is so much betting and raising that it's obvious that you are beat. You can save a lot of money by folding one street earlier – if you're not sure that your hand is the best or feel that you need a lot of help to win the hand, save yourself the four bets and fold sooner rather than later.

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